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New Release Date Times

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Those of you who have pre-ordered Black Desert Xbox would have received an email stating that the release date of the game has changed. We're sorry for not communicating this earlier but the change was made to reduce confusion about the release of the game. Since the game was scheduled to be released at 12am UTC+0, this meant that the dates were one day behind what we were advertising. 

This means the new release dates are as follows: 

Ultimate Bundle: 3/1 12am (PST), 8am (UTC+0)
Deluxe Bundle: 3/2 12am (PST), 8am (UTC+0)
Standard Bundle: 3/3 12am (PST), 8am (UTC+0)

Official Launch: 3/4 12am (PST), 8am (UTC+0)

We are sorry for not communicating this change to you earlier. 

Black Desert Xbox Team

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