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[NA] (Causal to Hardcore PvP Mercenaries) Trash Pandas - Blades For Hire

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Whether you like scenic speed running out of jail, making millions to turn the tide of a siege, zerging gankers, or slaying afk players for fun than <Trash Pandas> is for you.

We'd like to formally invite you to join us for the open beta as well as game launch.

If you are interested in becoming a dominating force in PvP content, learning all about BDO and enjoying your time online, please post your gamer tag or message me on Xbox (Brokenaz5)

Did I mention we'll have boats?


Discord; https://discord.gg/PpfSPS5

Xbox Club; Trash Pandas BDO



What to expect from Trash Pandas


High Activity - Whether defending guildies in the open world, sieging castles/nodes, groups for grinding bosses, or making bank doing mercenary work, there will be no shortage of excitement.

Frequent Contract Promotions - As the game and guild progress, we will offer ever increasing rates for guild contracts.

Flexibility - Although we will require participation, we understand life happens and can cause time away from BDO. As long as it is properly communicated we shouldn't have a problem.

Tournaments and Prizes - We will regularly host dueling/3v3 tournaments, open world pvp contests, bounty kills for enemy guilds and much more.



What Trash Pandas expects from you


Loyalty - Guild first. There will be no other code of conduct beyond that.

Progress - Guildies will need to push to reach 50+ as fast as possible, as well as getting decently geared quickly.

Knowledge - BDO is an extremely in depth and detailed game. Players will be expected to be willing to learn and have a base level of information. There are tons of amazing guides and we are here to help.

Commitment - Seiges, node wars, guild questing, worker contributions, etc will be required activities, and guildies will be judged heavily on dedication and contributions towards our goals.

Communication - We dont expect everyone to use the Discord/club all the time, but when we are at war, sieging, etc microphones are mandatory. When a guild member asks for help or asks a question, responding is expected if you are available.


Don't be a Care Bear; be a Trash Panda.

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