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Xbox Joystick Controls need a little tweaking

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Hey team!  First off, I wanted to congratulate you guys on what seems like an excellent port so far to console.  the performance is great and the game looks terrific.  I even love the button mapping for the Xbox One Controller.    So congrats!


My only real suggestion has to do with the movement of the RIGHT THUMBSTICK.    The horizontal axis is pretty smooth and clean, but the vertical access feels a little stilted.  It seems to hitch a little bit before completing an "Aim up/ Aim Down" motion.  Now, I am playing with my "Y" axis inverted so that could have something to do with it.  If you guys took this suggestion and smoothed it out a little, I think it would really go a long way in Users feeling like they have as much control over their character as they need.  Thanks for taking the time to read, and I'd be happy to discuss further if you guys need more information from my end.  

All the best,


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Same problem here, but I don’t use any inverted settings, so that’s not it

I’ve tried various different sensitivity settings, but the right thumb stick camera aim is poorly optimized

I’m fine with the controls except for the right thumb stick camera feel

Also, please can you let us turn off the camera acceleration

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