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Blood Knights Recruiting

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Blood Knights

Hi were a Strong NA PvP guild looking for the most dedicated of dedicated players to join our Stronghold.

We have Pc Vets knowledgeable in Bdo, along with loyal dedicated players eilling to go all out to get far above and beyond in this game. 

We need players like so. We are a PvP based guild but also touch all aspects of the game Lifeskills and PVE. 

Im not going to make a list of benifits to joining the such as payouts and players to back you up discord and support blah blah blah. Because honestly all the real and strong guilds are foinf to have that and payouts is part of the guild system your going to get them regaurdless. 

No instead im offering a Strong Sincere Guild Family you can be apart of with all the perks every other real and strong guild has. Not as strict but still strict.

Yes we expect you to participate in Node/Guild/Seige Wars, yes we expect you to participate in guild quests yes we expect you to help and support members and the guild and be active. After all why join a guild if your not going going to be apart of it???

Just we take a more laxed and friendly understanding approach and are not going to boot you because you didnt get to level and gear score by day 1. 

We have a discord server with much information and support along with members who are willing to support and help and grow.


Join Us! One of the Strongest



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Are you guys still recruiting? If so please send me a pm on Xbox gt; RAVEN Ironsoul

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Hello. My name is Scott and would like to join your guild.  I have a 54 witch with ap 124 dp 125 right now.  I want to node war and be part of a good guild. If you can invite me my Xbox tag is deepred srh and character name is cossmiss and family name is deepred. 


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