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New YouTube Channel And Stream

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Hey Everyone!

I'm starting a you tube channel and stream alongside the launch of Black Desert Online Xbox. My aim is to create content that people want to see and are interested in while being helpful and entertaining. I'd REALLY appreciate any likes and subs I can get from you guys so help a new channel out please! I had put off posting here but the community already seems really nice for XBOX.

I started BDO on day one of PC launch so can't wait for the Xbox launch to get that epic fresh start feeling going again. Since the launch on PC I've played on and off over the years so have a fair bit of knowledge to bring to my channel alongside fresh content following the launch.

I plan to live stream on Mixer/Twitch from the very start of the release and have 72 hours with no work commitments so I'm going to stream the entire head start and start throwing out guides immediately with the Xbox footage. I'm expecting my first child in September so will be seeing what I can do with my channel and stream in the meantime whilst I can enjoy more free time to play.

I'm aiming to add new content weekly and will be aiming for 2-3 videos a week, so far I have a few informative videos using a mix of BETA and PC footage so would appreciate any feedback, feel free to tear me apart my voice overs are really rusty sorry in advance.

My Channel:





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