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|| Soul Reaper || Dedicated [NA] PVP Guild Recruiting

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“Walk the path of a Reaper”



Soul Reaper is currently recruiting dedicated players to join us for the NA Xbox One Black Desert launch. Soul Reaper is a PVP focused guild with a growing community, comprised of knowledgeable, seasoned, veteran PC Black Desert players and a mix of new blood. We are seeking to build an elite society of dedicated Reapers to lead as one of the top PVP focused guilds on the server. The Reaper society is a loyal group and we oath to improve each individual member.



  • MUST BE ACTIVE: We are seeking active members to add to the society (we are understanding to those who are busy).
  • PVP FOCUSED: We are a PVP focused guild, you must be active in Node Wars/Sieges and show drive for improvement. We expect competitive spirits. We want to win.
  • MIC & DISCORD: Communication is key. You are required to join Discord and you are required to have a mic in order to join the society.
  • NO DRAMA: If you are one to cause drama or create rifts, this isn’t the guild for you. All issues are set to a vote or resolved by Arena PVP.
  • NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART: If you are easily offended, this isn’t the guild for you.
  • RESPECT: If you are incapable of showing respect, this isn’t the guild for you.
  • DEFEND THE REAPERS: If a reaper calls, be prepared to come to their aid. We never leave a member of the society alone. If you aren’t interested in defending the society, this isn’t the guild for you.


We believe in fairness, all things must come to a vote or a PVP match.

Payouts and rewards increase based on contribution and consistent activity.

We offer each individual an opportunity to move up the ranks to become officers.

Seasoned, Veteran PC players to provide you with knowledge and know how.

Loyal Society Mentality, so no one gets left behind.

Active Node Wars and Sieges once launched, we seek to dominate.

We are consistently active and will help you improve.

We’re all about competitive fun. We will hold in-guild tournaments and activities with rewards.


If you're interested in joining, please complete an application here: http://www.guilded.gg/r/AqMldPKLMl?i=54kZReXA

You can also drop your GT, send a PM for details, or join us in Discord: https://discord.gg/PRGaxU7




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On 3/14/2019 at 6:10 PM, Spiffyxcupcake said:


Thanks! Are you looking for a guild Koldstar?

I'm not sure yet, but I appreciate the offer. Recruit page looks good. 



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