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HF with the game anyone interested in knowledge maps?

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Hi boios happy bdo xbaws release to you 

sadly i wont come aboard the hype train this time.. lots of stuff changed for me and ive chosen to stick with the piano rather than with bdo any longer (also my friends dont want to stroll along this journey .. which indeed sucks)

i planed alot of stuff like running a lewd guild and i also made myself some maps for knowledge running on leaflet which  include all the knowledge that you need to unlock to rise your energy and also the quest that give you skill points  and they come with tooltips and pre-quest and sometimes even images to clear things up
i've worked my ass off for those and now that im not gona need these anymore (which sucks) i would like to give them at least  to you as a gift 
because this was always something i had wished for when i played pc bdo but nvm

if you're interested you can leave a reply here i first need to updoot my webspace cos right now the traffic is not unlimited

heres a preview what you gona get with these


you can pan and zoom in there, they work well with a mobile device too
theres different maps for all the areas and citys so weaker devices can handle the maps too (and not crash)

best regards and hf playing this awesome game ~ Nefer

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