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Guild Name: The Arcadians
Guild Leader: LegendaryLykaon
Guild Contact: LegendaryLykaon, LeanderKolasi
Guild Website: Currently NA (Work in progress)
Guild Motto: Just a friendly, social guild for all
Guild Currently Recruiting: Anyone and Everyone
Guild Type: Social, PvE (PvP planned for future, need to build first)
Guild Peak Time Zones: USA

Description: We are just a small group that love to play together. Our leader, has been playing this game for a decent amount of time and is very willing to help out wherever you need it. We are not an Elitist group. We are merely a group of friends that love to hang out and be stupid. If you are interested, hit up the leader or Leander. We will be glad to have you!

If a guild just starting out isn't your cup of tea, don't worry. I totally understand. But just remember, every strong guild has a starting point. Being brand new there is plenty of room for growth and leadership. We just ask that you are active and join our ever so wonderful(and often inappropriate) party chat once in a while. That is just for us to get to know you. If you are interested, please reply here, or contact LegendaryLykaon or LeanderKolasi on Xbox Live. We are growing extremely well. We have a discord chat that we are working toward getting everyone in. We would LOVE to have you! The invite code is xTv9DX8

See you in game soon!


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The invite code is xTv9DX8. Just The Arcadians.


As far as how many, currently you would be the third. Just recently started recruiting. Discord has a few from our guild in another game as well. So it is usually pretty active

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My gamertag is LinearSaucer801 and I was playing with socal. I'd like to join ur guild. Send me in if you want

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I'm interested!

GT is mme chevrefoil

Fam name is Beaufort

Character is Sherwoode


I'm going to join the discord if that's okay 🙂

My playtimes vary greatly but usually mostly early morning EST or evening/night and sometimes when my baby naps if I don't have other chores. I like doing a little of everything - pvp, pve, lifeskills, exploring, etc. I'm still trying to figure out which class I like the best so I'm not very high level yet 🙂

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