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Disconnected from Xbox Live Service

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Anyone else trying to do AFK activities, coming back after a few hours, only to find a message saying they were disconnected from Xbox Live service due to timeout? 

I've been going back to the homescreen, where it says resume, and when I do, even like an hour later, I'm still trudging along with my trade pack. 

But overnight, or about 2 hrs, I come back to the disconnected message.

Do I need to keep the game "maximized" so to speak?  Or is there some Xbox setting I'm missing?  My Xbox is not turning off; it's set to not turn off automatically. 

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Take care, 

Rokal DeVanguard

NoOb Extraordinaire 

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I set my box to turn off after 2 hours and I kept AFKing for four. LOL

It works. Maybe your tv settings need to be looked at?

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Well this exact same thing happens to me. Only been playin a couple weeks and have read a bunch of stuff about PC players AFKing to get **** done while sleeping etc but its hit and miss for me on the seXbox. 

Seems to work if the world map is up on node info page (I have no idea why) with a wired controller plugged in to prevent the controller turn off timeouty nonsense.

Give that a crack n see if it floats 👍

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I have been afking for about 3 months now with no problem.  When I afk on my ninja he disconnects after an hour or so.  I sent in a ticket, havnt gotten homw yet to try it. This is what they suggested.

Greetings Adventurer,

I am GM Tarif from Black Desert Xbox Team. We are here to assist you.

We understand that your Ninja character disconnects every time you afk train it. We kindly advise you to follow the procedure provided below, that may help you resolve this,
1. Press the Xbox button on your controller
2. Select My games & apps
3. Highlight Black Desert and click the menu button on your controller
4. Select Manage game & add-ons
5. Scroll down to Saved Data
6. Select Black Desert
7. Select Clear reserved space
If the issue still persists, contact us again.

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