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Server Maintenance 03/06 - Completed

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We have discovered an issue and will be performing server maintenance to solve it. We will be taking down half of the games servers at a time to apply the fixes, then reopening them as we prepare to take down the second half. Please make sure that you are in a safe zone when you switch servers so that your character can move without issues.

Here are the servers that will be taken down first

EU: 1PM (UTC+0); Balenos-2, Serendia-2, Mediah-1     Next servers: Balenos 1, Serendia 1, Calpheon 1. 
NA: Balenos-1, Calpheon-1, Valencia-1, Mediah-1, Balenos-3, Serendia-3, Serendia-1 

The other servers will be taken down once the first servers are back.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the server maintenance.

Black Desert Team

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@Shirna: On PC we got all the patch notes, would it be possibel to do the same thing here? It would be very interesting what is getting changed and when some pearl shop items wil find the way into the game ;) (im waiting for the byproduct cp for cooking and the headhog)

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