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How do nodes make you money?

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Hail and well met, all,

So, how do nodes make you money?  Do they make passive money, or just gather items for you to either sell raw, or process/craft and then sell the processed or crafted item?

Also, let’s say to start with I have my first node near Velia, and set my worker(s) to gather potatoes or chickens, both of which I’ve read can make either beer or grilled meat, which can then be used to restore stamina to workers.  So… uh… do they gather more than they’ll need to take in to keep working?  Or do they only gather enough to make just enough beer/meat to keep working… and if so, then what’s the point?

Are all these workers just gathering stuff, which I then have to sell on the market, (or maybe to NPC vendor)?

I’ve been doing research on how to set up nodes, get workers, feed them, etc… but I’ve yet to find the specific answers to these questions.  I just keep reading about “make passive income with your node empire,” and things like this.  This implies to me that there is someway to actually have your nodes make you money directly without any “interference” from me.

Thanks for your time and help with this.

Take care,

Rokal DeVanguard

nOoB Extraordinaire

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The game contains a massive quantity of obtainable items via workes as you already know, these workers will gather more than enough resources depending on the type of resource as well as the use of itself. In this occasion its potato and chicken, now to have plenty of Beer or Grilled Bird Meat, you rely not on the materials produced by the workers but on your profession(Cooking), while you improve your Cooking level, the quantity of Beer/Grilled Bird Meat prepared will increase, not only this is great but while you level up the profession, you're allowed to use less quantity of ingredients to prepare the same dish!

Cheerios ~( ๑ᵕᴗᵕ๑ )//°´*♥



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Also, any resources gathered that you don’t have a direct use for you could put on the central market (either before or after processing them) to make a little extra silver (which will go up in amount as you progress through the game, invest energy in the nodes, and find more nodes) 

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