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Workers promotion - Per location

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Building a worker empire can take A LOT of time which can be quite a nuisance And I got THE suggestion on how to make everyone's life MUCH better. So lets start from the basics -

How it works: 

You can promote a worker every 24 hours once they progress 10 levels. Higher level grants higher chances of success and takes much more time. The rate gets lower in higher tiers. 

To give you a better picture, here are the promotions rates:

Green to blue:

Level 10: 35%

Level 20: 55%

Level 30: 80%

Blue to Yellow:

Level 10: 25%

Level 20: 35%

Level 30: 45%

Yellow to Orange:

Level 10: 10%

Level 20: 20%

Level 30: 30%

Generaly speaking, on average, your worker empire will most likely consist of 3-8 workers in each major city and 1-3 workers in small towns. The total amount of workers would be 30+.

Now that we know the rates we can safely assume that the time it will take to upgrade 30 workers at lvl 10 from green to orange could take a year and a half, on average.


How it should work:

A more reasonable system would have multiple promotions based on locations.

For example, i got 4 green workers who are level 10 in each zone. Belanos, Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah. 

Every worker will take his promotion test in his own territory, allowing me to send all 4 at the same time.

In conclusion:

If you think about it, it onliy makes sense that every worker will take the test with his corresponding work manager.



Notice me senpai.

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Thats a good point for both of you, heres my counter-point.

Because its rng, even with my suggestion, it could still take more than a year.

The rng aspects of BD are already punishing as it is on most aspects (grinding, gear enhancement, alchemy, lucky tools crafting etc)

So, even if you got the perfect worker empire you dont:

27 minutes ago, Kasai said:

100% complete with everything after a month.

Because wrokers only serve a small fraction to the aspects I've mentioned above.

It does, however, make your life a little simpler. I've also didnt take into account worker skills and min/max-ing which takes even more time to perfect.

P.s. Having promotions per TERRITORY (not town) makes actual sense.

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