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Horse Breeding/Tamer Skill Knowledge

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So I just realized something I didn't know before but realized after training the horse skills. In the game im a horse breeder. while training my skills I noticed that the skills a horse has are based on its color and its not RNG like the rest of the game. So ill keep its simple. What you want to hunt for are tier 3 horses in the wild. Anything less then that. Sell them they are worthless. They will have less skills and be waaay slower. The color you will be wanting for best RNG skill gain is the Tier 3 D picture below. The reason you want this specific horse is cause its come with the total number of skill gain chance of 14 skills. It also guaranteed to have Sprint, Drift, Charge, and Instant Accel as a chance to gain in those 14 skills. Anyone that knows there horses in this game knows if you manage to get all 4 of those skills you horse will be ridiculously fast compared to your average Jo horse. I have 15 horses in my stable when I found this out had to sell 5 cause they didn't have enough skills. All leveled up by the way guess how mad I was. T3F is a brown horse don't ever use this horse its garbage for a Tier 3

Tier 3 Horse

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