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Tips on Combat with the Witch Class

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Hi,  I am a new player to BDO, but I have played WoW, ESO, and a few others in the past.  But one thing always comes to all MMO's.  There is always a right way and a wrong way to play your character.  Are there any guides out there for the XBOX classes especially dealing with the witch?  She, so far, is my only character.  Any tips are helpful and not just dealing with the witch but tips for a newbie is welcome.  I am looking to deal the most damage as possible and am tired of blundering in the dark.

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Pve is kinda self explanatory. But in pvp just learn your combos and read skills carefully. Try to remember to always have your LB sheild up and move around as much as possible. When your opponent is open and your kinda in. A safe spot hit your buff that enables no casting times and hit them with everything you got in one lump sum starting with meteor. If your fighting a melee class carefull not to het grabbed. Usually Insta death for us unless 150DP +. And always use your heals when you can. That buff that takes away casting times also works for your 3 burst heal to instantly get you to full health. When a melee is charging me I usually teleport right threw them and to behind them. Kinda confuses them for a bit and allows a few hits in. I can wright all night on tips but our class shines in group pvp not 1v1. I would go to the duel arena in calpheon or heidel and practice 1v1 scenarios with people and deffinently do red battlefield whenever they actually fix it to get group pvp experience. 


And sorry was written kinda poorly. Got so many things on my mind about witch combos I cant wright them all here lol.

I'm currently lvl 54 with 117AP and 133DP. Good place to be for now. Do pretty good damage to people and still decently hard to kill unless stunlocked to infinity and beyond. 

Oh and 1 more thing. In group pvp dont forget to give your party the speed buff and the super armor buff when you can. And heal them with 3 burst heal since there the people in between you and the people trying to kill you. Your team goes down you go down

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