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<Wake> [NA] [PVP]

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PVP | PVE | Lifeskills | Scroll Farm | Endgame

 Being part of Wake
We strive in becoming one of the most renown guild that capitalize on node wars, lifeskills and market trade. We don’t plan to PVP like crazy but when it comes to defending ourselves we will fight back. We’ll stand neutral until game opens up
We have players who have played on the PC version and are willing to help anyone with questions. We tend to stand by on our perks, confident, trust, loyalty and friendship. If you need friends and are alone in the game we're here! We basically invite anyone. We will do our best to keep BDO a fun and social environment for those players who are new to the game. 

Who we are looking for
We're looking for active members who are willing to help the guild grow and become one of the top guilds in the game. We will be focusing on Node Wars, Lifeskills and endgame. So if you’re someone who likes to be in a PVP environment you are welcome here. We will be participating in as many node wars as we can. If you’re someone who just like to craft and do lifeskills we can use people like you. We are also looking for people who care for progression. Always improving to be better at what they do with their class.


Guild Payout

Guild Skills

Weekly Boss

Guild Events


Node Wars

Experienced players with knowledge

Discord *Online & Offline by offline just socialize, lol.

Willing to join Xbox Live Chat

Participate in Node Wars

Guild Missions

Working Headset

Purge inactive after 7 days

 How to Join
PM Vanille Serendia-3

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