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Wolfpack - PvX Lv50+, EST Based is Recruiting

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Wolfpack is a Fairly Decent Sized Guild, Sitting at about 60+ Members. We are a EST Based guild. We are looking for more 50+ Active Members to join the Pack! We enjoy PvP, we are not a Hardcore PvP Guild, We are more of a Defensive PvP Guild, We will fight when attacked by Flagged Players.

We strive to be Good Players and are Looking to make a Name for ourselves on our Home Server! We will be Participating in Guild and Node Wars when they are Released.

We also have a few PC Players who have come to Xbox always willing to lend a hand or some Info on this Vast Game!

We actively do Guild Missions, Trying yo get the 5 a Day limit on Farm for Maximum Guild Experience! We could use more Sorcs, Wizards and Witches!

Discord is a Must, Even if your not a Talkative person being able to hear during Wars or even typing in the chat is much easier then in game guild chat! Also makes for guild announcements and scheduling easier!


Interested in Joining the Pack Msg me Or 1 of my officers on Xbox

Wolfe oX - Leader

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Hey Wolfe! Ninjah Cheeto here ヽ(´・ω・`)ノ 

This guild sounds nice, having met you in my stream several days ago, I talked with my friend and we would both be interested in joining, still working on learning and gearing up, hit level 55 the other night, my friend is level 53-54 iirc, as you know I am witch, he is playing ranger, but working on a warrior as well. Bit of  abump here and also look forward to joining, I disbanded my old guild so we are both free now.

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