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[NA][XBOX]FallenCrusade [PvE Guild] [Adults Only] [Roleplayers]

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We are a low personnel Guild currently with the hopes of starting a larger roleplay group. We accept anybody and will help them level up further to help with Guild operations. Roleplay is a huge preference for us, if interested in joining, message your xbox Gamertag here to join!

Our rules are
1. Respect the leader and Officers.
2. Your amount of contribution will dictate your pay and contract.
3. Everybody is to be confirmed by the leader before joining to avoid future problems.
4.The roleplay is not tied to the guild, however, the guild will have roleplays in it's future.
5. Do not try to incite wars with other guilds, we are not here to fight others.
6. Try to, at least daily, do a guild mission to improve your contribution to the guild.
7. Sexual harassment and racism will be dealt with severely, we are a very open guild who enjoys a good joke, but will not allow actions of this form to avoid complications among the guild members.
8. Lastly, we are trying to help others enjoy the game and enjoy it ourselves, if you impede another's enjoyment too many times, you will be spoken to and give a warning. 3 warnings is a kick from the guild.

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