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Best skills for PVP? best combos?

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i don't remember the exact names, but i usually combo some.. what do you think the best combos to perform?

i would rush dash, grab, then RT+ LS down for a few hits. B + LS down to knock down again (if i get a good hit) and continue with RT+ LS down and sometimes  i would do X + RS down (but that doesn't damage much).

also, raise a shield if i'm against another warrior or berserker.. i didn't see the shield being effective against wizards.

another skill i think would be useful is the (spear *****) which i still don't know why i can't perform..

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Posted (edited)

You can block everything but a grab with the shield as long as you have durability located as a shield icon on the left side.

You need to add spear to ring slot menu with the appropriate amount of bsr (black spirit rage) to use, the red bar under your yellow(willpower) bar. Keep in mind you will be giving up your ultimate spin slash at 100% bsr (black spirit rage) which pretty much 1 shots everything.

View Welcome Warriors guide on this forum for fast accurate information.

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