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[NA] WitchingHour Recruiting GS 300+

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[NA] WitchingHour is recruiting new and experienced players to join us in node wars and PvX. The only requirements are to have a 300+ GS, be chill and active, and join in guild events as often as you can. We have bi-weekly raffles for pearls and other prizes, daily guild boss scrolls, PvP training at the arenas, and more! 

So join now and help us!

Help us teach our 65 year old guild member how to play BDO and I’ll even sign a volunteer hour form for assisting the elderly!

Help us clean the violent PK/griefer ruffians of Mediah 2 off the streets!

Help us ensure that the Mediah servers aren’t overran by gangs of hooligans that plague the Serendia and Calph servers! #makemediahgreatagain

WitchingHour is a competitive guild with 50+ active players and growing constantly. We attack griefers and help new players regardless of if they are in our guild or not. While all players are welcome to join as long as they meet our requirements, experienced players are thoroughly encouraged to join. We have a strong core of experienced players and are looking to increase that for PvP and mentoring our newer players. 


Comment below with your character name, family name, and  gear score if interested. 

Once you comment hop over to Mediah 2 and our officers will come screen you for entry! 


If do not receive a party invite, message our officers personally!


Officer Character Names:







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