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[EU] Node War Event Schedule

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We’re excited to announce the Node War event schedule for the EU server. Node War is our new, large-scale PvP mode that allow guilds to battle it out for the occupation of nodes.

The world of Black Desert is separated and categorized into 'Nodes'.  Guilds can battle it out for the ownership of these nodes in Node Wars. Winning the battle and capturing the node enables your guild to occupy it for one week. The amount of tax accumulated on that node will then be transferred to your guild funds to lay the foundations of growth for your guild.

These Node Wars will initially start as an event and then become a permanent part of the game.
(Depending on how the Node Wars are implemented into the game, the content may change or nodes may be reset after the event.)

■ Node War Event Schedule

The Node War event will only be held on Balenos-1 and Serendia-1.

There will be many battles occurring at the same time, but if you are an adventurer who does not want to fight, you can still enjoy safe gameplay by moving to another server.



EU Server Event

1st Round 3/27 07:00 PM ~ 9:00 PM UTC

※ Event schedules are subject to change at any time.

※ The results of the Node War event may be reset or change after the maintenance.





Max # of participants allowed

Toscani Farm


Level 1

25 People

Northern Guard Camp


40 People

Southwestern Gateway


55 People

Epheria Ridge


Level 2

60 People

Glish Swamp


45 People

Castle Ruins


30 People

Western Gateway


Level 3

55 People

Forest of Plunder


Level 4

100 People

 2) How to prepare for Node Wars


For more details, check out the [Game Guide].

■ Tip : How to build forts

Only one fort can be built on each node. 
In order to participate, guilds (Guild Master/Guild Officers) must go to the Guild Manager NPC to purchase a Node Fort (500,000 Silver). You must complete construction of the fort at least 1 hour before the start of the Node War on the node of your choice.


Guilds that win occupation of the node have the option of increasing the production of the node or collecting taxes from it. 

■ Node War Event Rewards

Those who participated in the Node War and those who successfully occupied a node will be rewarded with guild funds.

Participation Reward

Eligibility : Guilds that have a Node Fort constructed before the war starts.

Rewards : 5,000,000 (Guild Fund)

(Even if you build a fort in multiple locations, your guild will only be eligible for the rewards once.)

Winners Reward

Eligibility : Guilds that participated in the Node War and successfully occupied a node.

Rewards : 20,000,000 (Guild Fund)

* Guild fund rewards will be sent during maintenance after the event has finished.


The Node War event will only be held once.

- The battle for nodes will start simultaneously in all regions.

- Depending on the event, content may change when the actual system is applied.

- The status of nodes can be checked on the world map. Move the cursor over the node to discover which guild occupies it.
- As this is an event, taxes cannot be collected even if you have won occupation of the node.

We would love to see as many Adventurers as possible participating in the first Node War event.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be victorious and be the first guild to conquer a node!

■ Important notice for participants!

1) You must build your fort and annexes in the specific regions on the specific servers. E.g.) If you are battling for nodes in the Serendia region, you must build them on the Serendia-1 server.

2) All participants will be able to see the locations of the node forts an hour after Node War starts.

3) Participating guilds that have lost their forts will no longer be able to attack.

4) Participants will not receive a penalty for dying in the node wars.

5)   Guilds will not be able to accept any more members two hours before the start of the Node War until it ends.

6)   In order to participate, you must mark your participation in the Guild Window. If you do not do so, you will be unable to see enemy movements and forts. 

■ Important notice for Adventurers not participating in the event!

1) Monsters will disappear from the map 15 minutes before the start of the Node War. Please move to any of the other servers to continue enjoying the game.

2)   Those who are not participating in the event cannot attack participating guilds but   they can be attacked by the participants.


We strive to bring you an immensely exciting, but stable, Node War.
We hope that many Adventurers will join us in this event.

Thank you for your continuing support, we hope you enjoy the event!

Black Desert Xbox Team

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