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EU War Reports

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Hi All, 

Back on BDO PC we had a forum like this we used for reporting and keeping track of all the node wars. Congratule and vent anger everything goes in here. 


Node - Winning Guild A [attendance] v Losing Guild B [attendance] 

Report on how the fight went down ill start it off with ours below;


Forest of Plunder T4 - Alpha [75] v Netherrealm [30?]

Started off around our Fort as was unsure we would tp there or not. We found a lot of them near our Fort before the war started and killed them on the node constantly. 

War started and our scouts found the base after about 3 minutes. We found their players a minute later and pushed the choke point wiped them once without deaths. Noticed the life was really low on the Fort. Pushed in once fully wiped them and removed the Fort 6 minutes into the node war. 

Well done to neatherrealm for building on a T4 knowing we would be there if a couple more had built with you we could have had a nice fight! But it's still early in the day and many more fights to come. Hope your guild flourishes massive respect. 

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