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<PANIC> | NA | Hardcore Pvp / 350gs+

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A community of extremely active and dedicated players, with a primary focus on PvP in all of it's forms! Currently seeking new members who're interested in becoming a part of our team.The experience level of our members is varied with many of us being newly introduced to BDO, while our leadership corps brings years of experience to the guild. Both new and experienced players are encouraged to apply.

Our goal is simple, to become the most renowned PvP guild in NA and we ask our members to help us in achieving this goal through consistent progression and willing involvement in all things guild related. This includes open world gvg's (Guild v.s Guild fights), world and guild scroll bosses, and most importantly Node Wars.

All members are asked to to join our Discord because it provides us the ability to distribute updates on upcoming weekly events, what guild quests are active, ensure all announcements are available to members, and to provide members a place for questions and advice.

If <PANIC> sounds like a guild you'd like to be apart of, please contact any of the following individuals:

BDO Family Name: Medi               Discord: Tekkaden#1648

BDO Family Name: ThePrime       Discord: Prime#6910



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Please add me on xbox itskbb would like to talk about your guild. Currently 440 berserker with 440 sorc with me

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