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Xbox One Disconnects

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I started having an issues yesterday with not being able to load in-game. It started when I tried to "Switch" from one character to another through the "Disconnect" menu. When the new character loaded in the camera was in a fixed position under the geometry of Velia. I couldn't access any in-game menus and so restated the game through the Xbox button on the controller.

Now the game works perfectly through server and character selection and loads as normal until the world is about to render. I recordered this happening using the built in DVR and the world "partially" loads in for 2 frames of the video and the I get disconnected back to the initial BDO "Press A" screen.

I'm currently waiting for the support team to respond the the addition information that they requested. I wondered if anyone has experienced this issue and if anyone has any ideas for a potential fix.

So far I've tried;

1). Logging in with different Characters and servers (EU) using different combinations of the two.

2). A hard reset of the Xbox One X and router.

3). Xbox One X wired network statistics seems sound. Also tried wireless network connection.

4). Did a speed test on PC and achieving the expected speeds.

5). Tried a fresh install on my old Xbox One (OG) but experienced the same issue.

6). Used phone as a mobile hotspot to bypass home network. Still the same issue.

I'm running out of things to try if anyone has any suggestions?

The last thing I can think to try is to install BDO on my daughters Xbox One and to try and login with my credentials. If that fails then I'll create a new account to see if it successfully loads in-game. If this works then I'll have to assume it's a server side issue. :'-(


It seems that this could be an account issue. I can login in with other accounts, and BDO loads in-game as normal. When I login with my credentials I still experience the issue as detailed in this topic. I'm just waiting now to hear back from the [Account] team.

1). The loading screen after selecting server and character.
2). The secondary loading screen before the world is rendered.
3). The world flashes onscreen for "2 frames" of the recording; it just looks like a flash onscreen when played in real time.
4). Get "Disconnected from Black Desert Servers. Please try again" notification. No error code.





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This was an account issue. The BDO support team wouldn't refund two items in-game as the purchases were based on false information presented in the inventory UI. After the BDO support team refused to reply to my tickets I contacted Xbox and they issued a refund.

It appears that an Xbox refund automatically blocks the account without notification. The BDO team blocked the account until the pearl pack was repurchased through the MS store.

After doing so they haven't removed and issued a refund for the items. They've literally regained the refund that Xbox issued and now refuse to respond to tickets.

Generating revenue through false information is fraud, illegal.

Withholding something for gain is ransom, illegal.

Instead of ignoring my tickets why don't we do it publicly on the forums?

Perhaps you'll actually respond to my accusations.

My offer still stands to the BDO team as stated in the tickets;

1). Either remove and refund the items at the value in pearls.


2). Refund the following;

£78.49 for the pre-ordered ultimate edition,
£23.99 for the pre-ordered standard edition as a gift for my son for we could play together,
£15.19 for 2,000 pearls,
£07.59 for 1,000 pearls,
£07.59 for 1,000 pearls (Order XXXXXXXXXX) to regain my account. BDO .


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