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just judging from the ppl in my guild, many of whom played on PC at one point or another, it's only a small minority who are or recently were active PC players. Most quit PC / sold accounts / whatever at some point in time for whatever reason - because believe it or not PC BDO has had a *lot* of problems and controversies over the years and is by no means a perfect product. Many also wanted to recapture the magic that was early release BDO, which was in some ways the most dynamic and exciting time in the game's history, as opposed to more recently when single guilds occupy regions for a year(s) straight. 

Yes, of course they have an advantage, but by and large they don't really care about lording it over new players and mostly care about competing with their peers. If you're new to the game and still farming catfish you just don't even register on their radar as much as that might bruise your ego. 

but I know better than to think embittered forum dwellers will change their mind or views on anything, so do with that what you will and have a nice day.

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On 3/29/2019 at 11:22 PM, Ungodlyomen said:

Bnews757 Apperently you cant read friend I have no issue Ive played it on PC. Im already over 380 GS I knew what to expect and I love it. I am however seeing people quit (a lot due to these things Ive mentioned) xbox reviews on the store say it all.

Xbox players are not PC players - I don't wanta see the game die being treated as such.

You are not seeing people quit cause bdo is hard.... you are seeing people quit due to lazy gaming... everyone expects free gear and handouts....if they want that tell em to get a pc and play wow 

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