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[NA] <MvP> Is recruiting active players.

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 [MVP] is a recruiting active members. We have years of mmo experience and ready to take on BDO. We're a chill group that likes to do quest, life skill and level other classes. We do multiple scroll runs a week and boss scroll fights on Saturday. If you wanna level and chill come join us!  Most of us have families and jobs. We understand you can't be on all day. But would like you to be active as you can. Life always comes 1st. If you have any questions feel free to come and join our discord and ask. Jelly#0166 

⚔️  NA Guild
⚔️ New players and Veterans welcome
⚔️ 21+
⚔️ Active
⚔️ Good attitude
⚔️ lvl 50+ GS 270
⚔️ Guild Missions
⚔️  Life Skills
⚔️  Scroll runs/ Guild boss scrolls
⚔️  Guild Buffs ( AP +4 health + 60. Gathering +1 Fishing +1)
⚔️Daily Guild Payouts must be active
⚔️Main server is S-1

 Join our discord and check out the rules to see if  [MVP] is the guild for you.

MvP Discord


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Can I get an invite to your guild? I'm a daily player, help whoever and and when I can. Xbox tag is DullerKnot, main character is Dahria Odimm, typically I play on Mediah 3, but will play anywhere

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