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My contribution to the French translation

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Hello everyone, Hello Black Desert Staff, Hello Localization Team 😛

Today by [CM] Trent recommandations :


I have decided to make this topic to send you every French translations problems, because if i can give it a note i would give a 6/10 so it needs some improvements :)

Soooooo in this topic i will start with the text you see really frequently in the game, like the HUD, or some names or whatever :)

soooo let's go into the thing :D

First part : uncorrect or unexistant translations:



wooooops sry sometimes i'm saying bad words :/

1. the word "Press"

can just be translated by "Appuyez sur A"


"Appuyez sur le bouton A" for "Press the A button"

or you can add too

"Appuyez sur le bouton A pour commencer" for "Press A button for start"

2. "Recouvrement d'une information du serveur"

idk what's the original text but i would love to see it because in french.... it dosent really make sense :/

but i think translating this by "Récupération des informations du serveur" would be better


3. "Remained"

okay another word not translated.....

hmmmm....the literal translation is "Retenues" or "rappelées" but it doesn't sounds really good in french

I think "En cours" would be better because it means in progress/pending en english

4. "Ajuster le virage de la caméra"

this does mean absolutely nothing in french xD?? seriously, the english for this is "adjust the camera's turn"

and the option doesnt work lol so i can't help on how translate this sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. "ParamĂštres d'interface"

why "interface settings"?? there is only controller settings in this rubric, so why don't just call this "ParamĂštres de la manette" - "Controller settings"?


6. "Interface de la manette"

it dosent have sense in french, "modifier les contrĂŽles" - "edit binds" would be more appropriate

7. " S'asseoir"

it does mean "to sit" but the action is kneeling - "s'agenouiller" in French


8. "Adjust Rotating Camera while moving"

"Ajuster la rotation de la caméra en mouvement" in French

Second part : correct but strange sounding translations:


9. "Changer compte"

in french "change account" is wrote "changer de compte"


10. "Rampement"

"Rampement" is crawl in english but we need a verb here not an adverb so it's "Ramper"

11. "se lever"

 needs a uppercase "Se lever" (ty TheShoutGreyyyy lpb for notifying me this :))


12. "DĂ©bloquage"

same mistake as "Rampement" here it would be better if it was "Débloquer" (and one little thing, the correct spelling is "déblocage uwu)

13. "Guide clé d'opération"

it does have sens but absolutely nobody has never said this and will never say this, so it's sounds really better to say "Rappel des contrĂŽles"


14. "Bouger"

it sounds really rude, and "déplacer" is Much more polite


15. "DĂ©bit de bois"

"Débit" is used when you talk about money in French, for wood just use "bois découpés" - "cut wood"

16. "Collecter le liquide"

"siphonner" is a synonym of "collect" but for liquids in French so "liquides siphonnés" sounds much better

17-18-19. "Dresser le cheval..."

the correct version is "chevaux dressés" actually it sounds like a 2 years old kid talking

so the other ones are : "éléphants dressés" and "chameaux dressés"

20. "Céréale"

needs a -s for the plural, so it's "Céréales"


21-22. "Répéter", "Répétable"

those two words can be replace by "Renouvelable" it sounds more polite


23. "Message"

it's called "courrier" in the pause menu so why don't call it same here too?


24. "Mode de Photo"

invert as "changer compte" it doesnt need to add "de" so it's "Mode Photo"

25. "Ami"

same as "Céréale" it does need a -s so it's "Amis" (note: there is the same error in the pause menu)


26. "Optimisation de personnage"

if i translate this in English it's "character optimization" and i think it does make more sense to change this by "distance de rendu des autres joueurs" - "rendering distance of other players" (okay okay it's a bit long sorry) 


hmmm more seriously i have one more thing to add


"Perfect! btw don't fear to post a msg in French i'll make sure our team understands 😏"

Du coup petit message; donnez moi des perles ou le set de sorciĂšre Lumik s'il vous plaĂźt ou juste un petit cadeau mĂȘme si ça porte malheur de demander des cadeaux :/


Edited by sq4tchy
forgot 1 thing
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