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Kzarka - Why not have servers?

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Couple ideas I want to bring up for  the Kzarka Boss event.

Improved schedules and server loads

1) Bring up three servers, Kzarka-1, Kzarka-2, Kzarka-3 and make them only have the region around the summon shrine available to play in.

2) Give players two daily Kzarka ‘tokens’ per Family, per day. A Family could only hold two tokens max.

3) Run Kzarka summon times on only the Kzarka servers every 4 hours for a total of 6 summons a day. (12am, 4am, 8am, 12pm, 4pm, 8pm)

4) When a scheduled summon time is close, Players would take their token and ‘Change Server’ to a Kzarka server

5) Once the Player arrives at the Shrine, they hand a token to a ‘Gatekeeper’ NPC which allows the player to enter the Shrine. Otherwise the Shrine entrance (the first archway hall at the outside) is blocked to players with no tokens.


If Devs could consider these suggestions, you may be able to

A) Reduce server loads for the normal servers as you isolate boss summons to different servers.

B) Make the boss available to more players with flexible summon times

C) Give the players control of when they can attend a boss summon with the Token system


Just an idea...

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Man reading it the suggestion sounds great but the reality of it would never happen. This would take alot to do and i doubt pearl abysss would change the way the boss system works. Believe it or not but we are getting exactly whats on pc maybe couple minor adjustments but it will not be anything major. We just have to bare with it for now and let them get kzarka on board right.

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@Bnews757 I see. Yea, I figured if it’s not on PC, it won’t be here on console.

It’s just that console has huge performance issues that might need a different boss server architecture to overcome.

Also thought since PA does separate out servers for Conquest wars and Node wars, they might not have roo much to do for this boss idea.

Ah well...guess we just get to see ppl bitch about the new Boss times and the desync during the boss fight.

Least it makes for entertaining forum banter!

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