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Authentication failed [BEC_001/190] And no way to send ticket to BDO

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hello every one can any one help me with this issue  because black desert support  tickets won't let me send any information becase it keeps saying i dont have filled everything, 

well found out why i can't send anything is because when i fill the discription last thing u have to fill in ticket the text keeps comming back from what there stands in slight gray and thats why he keeps saying that i dont filled everything what i realy do did so hope to get answers from the GM's here or atleast a personal approach 

xbox id :dennisie34

region: EU/NL

xbox one x

hope to hear soon




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I dont care. Time to be the forum troll azzhole everyone call me. Im hijacking your thread.


This people. This is why i flip out.


Read the forum rules. Use search. Stop making 100 different posts.


Like. Hmmmm the top post has 18 replies. Should i post my issue there on an established thread......nah. ill start a new one.


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2 minutes ago, tensoldrasik said:

This is about 2 problems because there can't be made a ticket for it ticket making is the second problem read before answering 

Just because u cant make a ticket about said problem doesnt make it a new problem. Post in the other catagory and state u also cant make a ticket about it.

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