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EU - the Order of Light

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Back in the time of the ancients, there was a small group who made track of every move the ancients made. This group were no match for the ancients, yet they knew they had to take precautions. An organisation was necessary in order to operate from the shadows. This organisation had to get resources and tools. Money, political power, but also a small and efficient army. The kind of army that is loyal to the cause and to swear an oath to honour the cause. From little birds/ informers / spies the organization gained it’s intel. Manipulation, blackmailing and briberies were made. All the intel was being recorded in the archives, what now is known as “the Book of Secrets”.  The archives were secretly hidden and could only be accessed by who had enough clearance within the organisation. Every organisation has its own masterminds. The ones who were scheming and planning missions and calling the shots, this was “the Council of Light”. Some missions were planned for years later, so some spies could infiltrate in high ranks.

Protecting humanity/civilization was one of their many tasks. The organization was known within their ranks as “the Order of Light”.  The order remained secret, until a new generation changed its course. With the first generations gone, it became time for the Order to step into the light and face an all-out war. As the new leader said: “We dreamed of better days of peace,  but we stayed sleeping for too long in the shadows. We may have forgotten that times have changed. Let’s start achieving our goals and make this world a better place!”.

Clan requirements:

  • Mature
  • Friendly
  • Active
  • Social
  • English (speak, write, & understand)
  • Level 20-30
  • European Server

Recruitment status = Open

Clan Information:

At the moment we are recruiting for our clan, once we have enough members we will change to a guild. This guild is currently not meant for competitive play. We are aiming for a short period of time to be a small group that level up together.

Contact Information:

  • Post here in this topic, if your interested.

P.S. Consider this clan as a pilot for now... We are still trying to find out, if there is enough interested parties for this clan.


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