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{NA} - Hypoxia_Flux - PvP/PvE || Non-Toxic || Chill Group

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                                       Welcome to the Flux where we give no . .

Active members. . we ALWAYS have someone on.. Join Now.


  Its grind time.  Requirements? 

1. Active - Im not saying you gotta be on everyday, no not at all. I'm simply saying that if you get on just to chat and ramble on with your activity lvl looking like this (0). . bye bye.

2. Be respectful - you can have disagreements on things, that builds knowledge for the guild. Just don't be rude and whiny if someone else is right. 

3. 7 day probation period - Your going to start out with 7k pay . wow right. after that 7 day contact your officially in the guild. Your next contract will be determined on your activity lvl. 

4. 18 Years or older - This Guild is for mature adults; no squeakers or immature toxicity. Not saying you cant act up though have at it.


Play how you want. 

Tame and breed horses,

Slaying Monsters/Bosses/Guild Bosses

World Boss



Sailing the seas

PvP Siege/Node Wars






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