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<PANIC> | NA | Nodewars/Sieges | 450 +

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Panic is recruiting 

** WHO ARE WE **
Currently a 90 strong guild, actively seeking new members interested in being apart of a top tiered PvP guild. Our focus is on sieges and NW. 



Leadership consists of all BDO PC vets, with multiple members of our core being former PC siege guild members.



Our active joining requirements are listed below, gearscore/level requirements are for the class you’ll be bringing to Node Wars:

Level 58

450+ Gearscore

Ability to join/listen to a discord voice chat 



A fun, social, and very active group of members

Consistent guild PvP events and scroll bosses

A very experienced core group willing to answer any questions, to include class leads for any class specific questions. 



Feel free to leave a comment down below, or to reach out to the following people: 

XBL: Deadeyecation        Discord: Tekkaden#1648        InGame Family: Medi

XBL: NerfsAllAround               Discord: Swooty#6910            InGame Family: ThePrime

XBL: SViperR2 G D             Discord: Viper#2015            InGame Family: Viper 

XBL: I 3mPte C7ip I                Discord: Xen#8465           InGame Family: Reliquinn

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Posted (edited)

450 Gs striker lvl 57 interested in joining 

 Discord  Peter mia25#2996

GT iceman 1I

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