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Failed to dwnld data &/or verify patch 04/03-

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so another day of bdo not working & this is the latest bit on offer from a GM none the less.
here is what i woke up to today from a GM
"my name is GM ____ of Black Desert XBOX Team. Thank you for contacting us and it would be a pleasure to assist you with your concern.
We apologize for the inconvenience. I understand that you were unable to patch the Black Desert.
In this, kindly try to clear the cache of the game.
To do so:
1. Press the XBOX Button on your controller
2. Select My games & Apps
3. Highlight Black Desert and click the menu button on your controller
4. Select Manage Game & Add-ons
5. Scroll down to Saved Data
6. Select Black Desert
7. Select Clear Reserved space.
If the problem still persists, kindly send us another ticket with a screenshot of the error that you are receiving. 
Should you have other concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
GM ____"
is this for real? this is beyond belief. do you seriously think we havn't done that a million times already in the past 8 days? obviously they have not done a single second worth of reviewing our situation. you can not have read a single other ticket, this is like the 7th i believe on this matter. i've also posted 5 or so posts on the forum. so needless to say this was insulting at best. my acct has been linked since the 24th of march just fyi, my 3 children linked their accts a couple of days later.
please review all my submitted tickets concerning this issue before replying to our problem, & responding with the first suggestion that was offered up 8 days ago by CM Shirna in a reply to one of my forum posts. GM ____ this was just shameful & lazy. i mean how do you think we havn't already tried this? a quick glance at my forum posts from 4/3 would have saved you the time of this absurd reply.
i have previously sent a video to help. also sent a specific pic that was requested just yesterday! if you would have actually taken the time to review our "case" you would have known all this.
so how about someone actually try really helping us for a change. how about you actually review all of my tickets concerning the issue my children & i have had since updating to, on 4 different xbox one s consoles, on the 3rd. how about using our linked accounts to try to determine the problem? and again, perhaps you might wanna look at all the information we have provided you over the passed 8 days of not being able to get in game at all. money well spent huh.
link to the video i sent a few days ago
https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ap9R3N1l0tt5gTZGp033XEwLoOWY (link to a 13 sec video of the problem)
now how bout you or someone actually review all this we've sent you & actually help us.
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