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Obligatory copy-pasta from the support ticket:


Hello Support,
Yesterday, I submitted a report about a bug I found in the character editor.
GM Calpheon requested that I send a short video of the issue so that the support team could forward it to the appropriate department.
I apparently cannot submit videos via support ticket due to file attachment restrictions, so I will include a link to the videos in my OneDrive account and also post the link on the community forum.
The bug occurs in the Character Editor.
When a character customization template is saved to the beauty album and then applied to character, various body shape sliders (length/width/depth) will increase or decrease.
Because of this, body proportions will change for the character.
The character's appearance from the applied template will be different than the original appearance saved to the beauty album.
In layman's terms:
You customize a character.
You save the character as a template in the beauty album.
You apply the template back to the character.
Body shape sliders will change.
Character body proportions change.
Character is different from the one you designed.
(Aspergers sucks.)
All character classes may or may not be affected by the bug.
The former seems more likely.
At the very least, I can confirm that the Warrior, Ranger, and Sorceress are bugged.
The videos show the phenomenon on the Warrior and Ranger.
URL again:
I hope this helps a little,


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I noticed this a couple days ago. Decided to make a wizard and seemed like a lot of features were not working properly from makeup, eye liners and even adjusting the facial structure in some areas. I just pretty much stuck with the baby face appearance and made him a Colin Morgan from Merlin. Lol

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