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Field Boss - Part II

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1 hour ago, Bnews757 said:

Yes we dont need them i agree if you been to a boss once they dont move and will be in same spot. Plus open your map and it says where every single field and world boss is. How much simpler does it have to be?

Once I found them I was good. 

As a new player, the map is simple but unexplained. I didn't even know I could flip pages to this until I saw it in chat. The same could be said about other new players.

When kzarka came out. I saw for like a week or so people asking where it was. Luckily there was usually some helpful player mixed in with the git gud spam in chat that followed and people learned.

There exists tons of info out there about this game and asking for info to be presented in game isn't bad. 

I usually miss the notification due to traveling. I have had to leave on toxic chat for heads up spam.

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5 hours ago, Uberkull said:

Opposed to a troll like you that has made 3 total topics on this forum? Link

All you can do is rip on and criticize other people’s suggestions or ideas that attempt to either better the console version or, to be honest, bring more potential customers to the game by making it more user friendly. 

You seem jealous or offended that no one seems to care about your posts. Let it go.

Except that I've actually stopped just criticising you. In fact, I actually agreed with you on needing more fishing things recently. 

That reply was totally unnecessary tbh. If you think a glowing marker would bring customers to a game, you'd be very wrong. 

And the reason I've only made 3 total topics is because a lot of what I would talk about has already been covered, and multiple threads in the same topic would be fruitless. 

Not everyone that disagrees with you is a troll. People will not share your opinion every time. 

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