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"Magic Armor Exchange I" missing?

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Received "Adventure Log #1: Onward to New Horizons" recently, and have been trying to get AP/DP up since. The quest chain ending in "Roaring Magical Vambrace" helped AP, but now trying to find "Magic Armor Exchange I" to do same with "Dim Magical Armor"... and it appears to be missing. Have the armor, and based on various guides/sources: 


have met the prerequisites:
- finished quest "While preparing for Mediah..." which gives the armor (which I have),
- finished quest "Six Steps for Personal Growth III" which requires level 52 and takes character to level 53, and
- reached level 50 (currently at level 54, and 63.082% to level 55)

but Mevo Muranan in Altinova is supposed to offer the quest... and it doesn't appear to be available. Can't seem to locate any other quest (Black Spirit or otherwise) that might be considered a prerequisite for "Magic Armor Exchange I". Is something else missing, or is this (part of?) what's referenced in "known issues" for v1.0.1.5:


- There is an issue where you cannot upgrade your Dim Magical Armor.



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This is a known issue and has been for weeks. They did say recently that the magical armor upgrade quests would come with Valencia patch

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