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UI suggestions

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Hi guys,

Following the stream last week I have a few suggestions to make for the UI which in my opinion will help create a smoother and more pleasant experience in BDX.

Quests - I would like to be able to hide and show the quest list whenever I like via a menu option.

Workers - As of now we are able to cancel tasks only with the worker window. I'd love to be able to go to Map, enter a specific node and cancel a task for that specific worker.

Chat - Chat is sometimes hard to read due to ingame lightning. A slider to dim chat background could easily solve this.

Boss timer - something that's been discussed before. I'd RATHER not use third party applications or setup 8 different alarm clocks on my mobile. A simple ingame window with boss name and a count down is all we need.

Lifeskill exp bar - I like to check my lifeskill level % when I engage in different lifeskill activities. I do this often when gathering or cooking and it's simply an inconvenience to open menu > profile > rb to lifeskill every single time. Id love to get life skill bars where the quest tracker is to monitor my progress while actively playing.


Hope you'll consider some of this.



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Taking off the Quest Log would be loving awesome, because you can easily pull it up, and don’t need it on ur screen the whole time ur playing. It’d make my experience more immersive tbh 

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yeah the UI is one of the main thing i don't like about this game, it's so cluttered, and most of it doesn't need to be there, in most games Chat auto hides itself when nothing is going on, quest i would like to set which are being tracked on screen, rather than always have it there.

there ring menu at the bottom i'd like to be able to turn off, i know whats what i don't need it anymore, same with the button in the bottom right, i don't need to be told what the buttons do at this point.

it's all just unnecessary mess and as someone that plays on a plasma, it also limits the amount i can play, as i don't want screen burn.

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