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Central market exploit

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There is an exploit ,at the moment .Where you can put price well above maximum price of pre order item of normal user on market.Allowed to preorder any item as you want , and skip hassle of waiting beacouse central market still sell item to highest bidder.

As example it allow me to put a price pre- order pet pinguin for 10 millions each( where normal player can put max price up to 8.050.000)

And be able to buy all 3 pinguin pet put on market in that day as first player.

I send report to technical support,and there is no answer or fix. But as far as I know this exploit is well know be some players to snipe boss gear , pearl shop items etc..


Thank you

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Not sure how they are doing this. I am only seeing the max 8,050 price with buying or selling, but no telling how people can figure this stuff out. 

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