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HouseofGod a guild I just made to give me something more to work at and to help others who wanna be part of what i hope will become a great guild. I am experienced and can help new players in a variety of ways such as getting your gs up or creating a worker empire. I got a very solid plan to become very rich for me and my guild mates that can only be made possible with more people participating. My gamertag is BoundingTiger60 I am usually on Val 3 everyday , feel free to message me with any questions. Also I would like to find another experienced player to help me set the guild up better and for input. The guild perks will be agreed on by majority of active players. I need people willing to participate in guild quests , if new i can help you gear and grind. If you love the game like me and want to actually help and be a big part in a guild and the growth of us please join me. And yes eventually we will participate in node wars and more but pvp is optional and you will not be kicked for low gs. My gs is 300 and going up. Message me Ill be waiting, until then good luck and may rng be with you.

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