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Farming yield - NINJA NERF

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Hi everyone,


So today I did my morning routine farming for special fruits which normally yield 20-40 ish per harvest. I run 61 plots (6 strong, 1 shabby) and I usually net around 650 ish special fruits per session.

But today I ended up with 569 fruits. How? Because suddenly I beganto see  yields of under 20 like 12 and 15 in some crops.

I've had this setup since week 3 and I harvested ALOT of 200% crops when I got back from work and it NEVER was below 20.


The PC version USED TO have this feature that above 140% crop you'd get less harvest maxing at 200%. But it was taken away and even at 200% you'd get the normal amount.

So why the sudden change? And why wasn't it mentioned in the latest patch? Was this a ninja nerf? If so please be clear with things like that in the future, PA. 



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