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Lahn balance

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Let us Start a discussion of Lahn as it currently is, as You already Read in the Title, Lahn balance. Is it  thing or just a misunderstanding ?

Depends what point of view we have, let me share my opinions.


Lahns are pretty good on the PVE side, with just 150 AP upholding the attack speed buff from => or <= RT RB, we get nice attack speed and AP buffs, from there the only thing is spamming RB, A.

Beleive me, it kills even Sausans from two hits. She has an absolutely amazing combat skills, she is fun to play with, You can use multiple builds that suits You better. Pure enjoyment to grind even after Years of playing on PC version.

But rather enjoyable for grinding, what did we got for PVP ? Not That great mobility, not the best CCs, also not really good or just call it rather bad PVP DMG. She has way too long animations. Stuns are hard to hit, even if they do, they doesn´t hold enemyes down long enough to finish the damage combo. But, we can always run away :)

Yes, i do know , You can kill enemies, but it is a pain if they are close to Your skill and Gear level. Not so hard for them to Kill us. But if You already played her on PC You knew this already. Also You realized that her pre awakening kit is not that bad, and we could manage pvp somehow with it, there is a slight difference compared to the PC versions Lahn launch. Yup the damage here on ol´ Xbox is a little bit lower then it was on PCs launch. So how is it possible to Outgrind classes with same gear, but not able to damage them on PVP ?


Considering all these, is she on balance ? Pretty good on PVE side, but rather bad at PVP. OFC after awakening we should be good at PVP too, but that is a different tiic to discuss.

If we consider the balance of class watching two sides of the coin that she is very good at PVE, must she be bad at PVP accurately ?

is this just a temporary bug that the PVP dmg is so low compared to the PVE damage , is this how it supposed to be, and PVP will be fixed with her Awakening ? 

Please share Your opinions regarding the topic.

Thanks For reading it at the first place :)

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It's over 210ap but it does not feel strong in pvp.
I think that the answer is to wait until the awakening.

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she just needs her dash/heal and grab from awakening and she will be in a much better spot even though i think she is in a decent spot pvp wise rn.

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