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<Havoc> NA Wars Guild Recruiting | lvl58, 450+ | 420+ Witchards | Under New Leadership

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PvP Guild created before launch and lead by PC Vets. Havoc is one of the original powerhouse guilds and still going strong. We strive to be the best and want only the best.


  • Knowledgeable leaders
  • Experienced shotcallers
  • Organized and transparent
  • Tournaments
  • Guild bosses, quests, scrolls, buffs
  • Training and coaching by experts
  • Frequent node wars with castle siege on the horizon


  • Attend most node wars
  • Attend most Saturday sieges
  • Meet gear score and level requirements
  • Be willing to help guildies 
  • Participate in wars if you are not afk
  • Follow the guild rules outlined in our main discord

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

★First to take Serendia and held 2v1 the next week.
★Won the Beta Node War pre-launch


Level 58
Witch/Wizards 420+
All other Classes 450+

Join our recruitment discord for more information. Once you are confirmed there you will receive an invite to the main guild discord.

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