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Let’s bring balance to the classes

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Hello.   I want to start off with, I love this game.    Which is why I would love to help shape is future.   I played ultimate online from beta till long after EA ruined it making it item based.   

That said Ultima was amazing because the ccskills you picked to be were your choice.  Having a choice gave me the flexibility to be who I wanted to be in combat or as a merchant.    I could pick and choose my skill set based on where I struggled in pvp or while trying to make money.   

Im not asking to revamp the skill trees I think what you have is wonderful.   However very unbalanced when it comes to fighting.    If my play still is more a tank mage, but I have to choose one or the other.   I’m always left wanting more or wondering if I could have done better with more flexibility.

I would like to cover two things.  First the ability to acquire special skills after a certain level.  Which opens a new set of skill points to be used at freedom.   As you level up you acquire more points in a special tree that is separate from your class.

Example: as I level my character I am exposed to different kinds of skills, traits, life skills, attacks.   Being exposed opens the door to the talent tree at its base.   We aren’t experts in these fields so we should gain access to anything superior.  Let’s say as a dark night I fight a monster that can cast a type of explosion spell ,water spell, healing spell(which I think all classes should have the capability to cast a small and big heal which drains mana).  I digress....now because my adventure has had the experience of fight this monster and witnessed this spell, he has leArned about it.   Maybe a quest is set up for me to go down the rabbit hole to acquire this spell.    Maybe at some point I can cast this spell.    Maybe it evolves into a more powerful version of the same basic spell.   

Lets say this adventure comes across more magic and learns another spell.   Now this would be nice if maybe let’s say the first spell was water slice.  Then it evolved to water blast.    

My second spell I leArned was electric shock.  Now what if  I combined the two.   And it became electric eater blast which combined paralyzed my opponent?

to me adventuring and being exposed to different things in this world of yours is what it’s all about.     But it shouldn’t be as easy as hey go take this quest.   It should be acquired over time as you level and then have the flexibility to experiment with it.

Ok to keep it fair.   There should only be 4 spells that one character can learn outside of their class.   Naturally I would tie up two of my spots for healing on the fly for pvp and the other two for hard hitting spells.

the same should go for the opposite.  If I was a wizard.  I would want the ability to have harder hitting weapon or grappling moves.   Look at ufc fighting.  In the beginning it was Maui Thai and then grappling.   Now it’s a mix.   Because human evolution  is about taking the best parts of everything and making them into one cohesive fighting style.   I don’t see why bdo should be any different.

thank you for your time,




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