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[EU] <Offline> - Limited recruitment, No gear score Requirement

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Ladies and gentlemen, bois and gals, memers and weebs!

We're thrilled to announce the opening of a brand new guild - Offline!

We're looking to invite all of you lifeskillers/casual players to our guild.

Who are we:

We're a happy bunch that consists mostly of PC veterans that are looking to have fun, chill, making inappropriate lewd jokes and goofing around.

Our focus and end goal:

Generally speaking, we're a lifeskill guild that focuses on helping players to understand the subject deeper and reap the rewards doing so.

We also offer OPTIONAL PvP content within the guild with special perks. There are certain requirements to be met if you'd like to join the activity. 

We aim to have between 30-50 members at all time so recruitment is LIMITED.

Our end goal is to have all the necessary guild perks that will help a lifeskiller, to teach people about new lifeskill content and perhaps dabble into various activities like Monster hunting and sailing in the future.

Who are we looking for:

18+ Casual players who enjoy lifeskilling, learning and sharing information, memeing, weebing and having a good time without any requirements or deadlines hovering over their head. 



Feel free to drop at our discord channel and apply today - https://discord.gg/7xrsGj

We have lit emojis, bots and a meme channel (NSWF channel incoming? Maybe)




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This took me by surprise but I hope it all works out for you. Tho not part of it but knowing Dr. highly recomend it. 

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