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APEX is looking for members interested in PvP and serious about node wars. We are a well oriented group that has been together since beta. One of the few guilds that havent lost leadership or its core since launch. We know what were doing, where we wanna go and how we want to get there. Were happy for pvpers on all levels to join us but basic knowledge of class and mechanics of combat is required.



- 470+ GEARSCORE (HIGHEST AP+ DP) within logical reason  

(exceptions can be made for Witch, Wizard, Warrior and Valks, ANYONE NOT ON THOSE CLASSES WILL HAVE TO BE REALLY STRONG ON FLANKS TO MAKE IT)

- Level 59+

- Discord is mandatory; for nodewars, GvGs, and keeping up to date with guild

- General class knowledge and mechanic knowledge (You will be subject to a combat trial. You dont have to win but do have to demonstrate class knowledge and mechanic knowledge. We may throw some info at you if your struggling and see if you can use it to improve on sight)

- Ability to make nodewars on Thursday, Friday and Sunday (we take this seriously and want folks showing up to all three and take attendance, and anyone not maintaining 2/3  on average a month will not stay  2/3 is to allow for irl things that come up, not to be on the game and skip war


What we offer:


- Missions and decs upon request on home server

- All combat buffs and some lifeskill buffs

- Class training 

- Support in combat to hold rotations

- Friendly organized guild that takes member feedback and votes on matters. Were lead by a collective of officers not just ONE GM. Its OUR guild not mine, his, or hers. 

- Stability (been here, will be here)


IF INTERESTED. PLEASE JOIN DISCORD, CHANGE YOUR NAME TO YOUR FAMILY NAME ( or list it if you dont know how) , AND POST A PICTURE OF YOUR PROFILE SCREEN. An officer will get with you from there. 


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