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<Integra> EU PvP/Node wars focused/Current holders of serendia territory

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EU are recruiting we are a PVP focused guild frequently doing node wars and conquest, we are a diverse guild with members from all across Europe so everyone is welcome.

We are the current holders of Serendia Territorty

We are looking for Witches, Wizards level 58+ 440gs, however if you are a skilled player of another class then we will consider it.

What we offer;

PVP/Node wars/ Conquest (Tier 3 & 4) Daily guild quests with bosses every few days Many different guild buffs including some life skill buffs

A fun chilled out environment with people always willing to help out Daily payments with a chance to progress in the guild and increase your payout

Requirements; Level 59+ 450 GS+ required (440 witch/wizard)

Be as active as you can be, mainly on Saturdays Join node wars as and when needed and be on discord to be able to communicate


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