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Recruiting for chilled, N.A XBOX guild

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Chilled, friendly, established North American guild 'HarpiesRforLife'. Currently 30+ members.

If you are already enjoying and committed to the game and want to continue enhancing your experience, we are seeking new members to join in on  our group PvE, PvP, Node Wars, Life Skilling activities.  It doesn't mean you have to get involved in everything, just what you really prefer to play. 

If you want to jump in and and see if we are a good fit, direct message one of our guild officers (xbox GTGs : TheSonicPharaoh, evilbunny4, Chuy0003, Its Dr Goose)and we can invite you. 

Cheers all!

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Posted (edited)

I literally just started, but am really enjoying the game, and am attempting some sort of social outreach, I guess. Love to join if you'll have me. Been in ESO since launch, more of a Division & Destiny & Tomb Raider player, but I always fall back to MMOs, just feels good. So far, I'm realizing I'm going to drain many hours into this game & have no regrets. Thanks for any consideration :)


I'll DM, just noticed that. Awesome.

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