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<Feared>[NA] PvX 450+gs 58+ lvl 18+ ZeroDrama

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<Feared> |NA| [PVX]

About Us:

We are a tight-knit group of serious mmo players that have formed a loyal core over the past few months in the bdx community that wish to continually progress through future content. Most of our core play on a daily basis for countless hours grinding while hanging out in party chat. Party Chat is constantly up 24/7 from members rotating on and off. We wish for everyone in our guild to feel a part of the guild as a whole so we encourage taking part in guild events and hanging out with other members in party chat to build chemistry. Our main goals is having fun by doing as much as possible that is currently offered from content. We do wish for members to be balanced between pvp/pve. 

What We Do:

Daily Guild RBF Groups
Daily PvP
Node Wars Twice A Week
Guild Bosses
Max Daily Missions

What We Require:

Level 58+
Mature Adults
No Toxicity 
Node War Attendance

What We Offer:
Max Buffs
High Daily Pay
Bonus Pay
Guild Events
70+ Active Members

We are accepting small group/guild merges at the moment


GT: Mayonnaise Plz

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