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Guild War Changes

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If your wanting people to get more serious and involved with PvP like you say and are trying with these guild war events you guys at PA have got to start taking it serious.

First nodes dont need to be worth 1/8th the base rate they are on Pc. Yall have shoved 2 years once kama is out of content onto the xbox. Let the node wars have it too. If your trying to catch us up stop holding us back. Give us the money were earning. And higher paying nodes mean more guilds inclined to do war


Second. WE NEED GUILD PING. Put it on a ring menu, make it X + Y who cares. We need it. Ive noticed the Xbox population as a whole struggles to navigate the map much more then the pc population did when I played. Every new person has issues with the clunky menus and slower time it takes to navigate. WE NEED GUILD PINGING 


THIRD. PLATOONS. As much as ive noticed people really need guild ping to direct them to target, the group arrows also help. One big platoon allows for much easier coordination and teamwork. Again it seems to be alot harder for the xbox population to use small multiple 5 man parties. 


I know youve said these things are coming, but Id suggest you bump them up and focus hard on them. These are very important aspects were lacking in the guild war scene and ones that seem to matter much more to BDX then it did PC BDO

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