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CM ui changes - LiTeraLlY uNpLayAbLe

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Greetings all,

Capitalist overlord here.

A big chunk of players income comes from trading stuff in the CM. I personally stalk the CM for hours to check for price changes and materials available for me to purchase.

This is a BIG NUISANCE since the CM ui for xbox is lacking some needed functions.

First, Please add more sub categories - I literally hold the down trigger for 20 seconds till i get to the items im looking for.

You could split the categories into quality (high, special etc) or give us better search options.

Second and most importantly, we need a "return to previous window" option -  As of now if i click an item, i cant go back to my search filter or category. I need to go back to the main CM window and reset my search.

You can imagine hoe frustrating it is to repeat search for a specific category over and over again.. please add these UI changes to make our life a little better.




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