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Anyone else character freezing at bosses ?

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My character freezes and soon as I try to do a move with a constant error message being spammed at the top saying

”This action can’t be completed” over and over and over and over 


anyone else ?

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Posted (edited)

I had that issue a while ago though think it was my internet because every game was lagging since I switched to another game & that was telling me my connection was bad. So after changing my DNS on the xbox I am hoping I fixed it because the internet became speedier and is working a lot better. Though I read in another post the servers are being terrible right now. If that is the case I wonder why truthfully.

I mean i just came back from a 2 month (maybe 3 month) hiatus and I get a message saying my xbox was low on resources and that I need to close the game. I ignored it and then the game crashed me back to the home, I reboot up buy some pearls to change my lahns appearance then while changing the appearance I get kicked back out to the server select screen, I reboot quickly rechange my lahns appearance then head over to go do some exp farming then next thing you know get a message saying action can't be completed and was freezing in place. So I quit uninstall the game (somewhat out of rage thinking I wasted 10 bucks on pearls. Then started playing another game & the other game was telling me my internet was bad. 

So got then got the idea to change my DNS & the internet speed up greatly. So now redownloading to black desert to see if a dns changed fixed  the issues. I mean it's crazy makes me wonder what happened to the servers while I was gone. 

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